The Future


The future of motor retailing

The UK Automotive retail sector is worth £146 billion a year to the UK economy, but with the growth of online retail sales, the industry is entering a period of rapid change. Leading retailers, in other divisions, already collect over 50% of their revenues online and those that do not, recognise the impact it has had on consumer buying habits.

Motor manufacturers are already experimenting and developing new business strategies, amalgamating “bricks and clicks”, integrating the showroom and online and mobile platforms to create an “Omni-channel” shopping experience for new car buyers. The prediction is that 4 million new cars will be sold online by 2020. This same theory applies to used car sales also. The most successful car retailers will invest in their online presence as if it was one of their most prestigious showrooms.

Digital sales will not replace the traditional showroom buying experience, but will in fact compliment it and provide an alternative buying solution. However, it is essential that the sales platform is transparent and all information that a customer requires is visible so that they can confidently make a buying decision.

AutoLoad IT is committed and focused on providing the retail motor industry with the smartest most cost effective solutions to the rapidly evolving digital marketplace.

5 percent (4.5 million) of all cars will be sold online by 2020