Handheld Camera Solution

AutoLoad IT Handheld camera solution

If you consider your own photography good enough to market your vehicles, you can simply take the photos yourself and then attach them to the vehicle record. You can even specify which images are internal so that these can be separated from the external shots.

Our software automatically resamples the photographs at source, so will work effectively with any broadband speed without compromise and source the vehicle data saving you valuable time.

However, have you ever thought of doing it better, faster, more professionally and more efficiently?


Being able to set an area aside for the photography and/or videoing your vehicles is the next best thing to having a turntable. It’s worth the investment in space and time. However, why not go that one step further, you only need a space about the size of a double garage to have a fully automated turntable solution. The saving in time and aggravation, the improved presentation on your website will almost certainly pay for itself within a few months.

Digitalisation is increasingly redefining the way we live and work

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