Turntable Photography

External 360° Imaging

The quality of the vehicle imagery on your website is crucial to the success of used car retailing and is going to become increasingly important for the future. Incorporating a turntable in to your business will help to achieve this the ultimate solution.

Our turntable and camera solution is synchronised and has been designed to be operated by one person once the vehicle has been valeted for display. As soon as the vehicle has been valeted for display i.e. the time it looks its best, it should be photographed. If the salesperson has used our software to create the vehicle data record, the moment it is driven onto the turntable it will be live on your website within four minutes.

Our software automatically recognises the images sent from the camera and attaches them to the vehicle data record. If the data record hasn’t been entered by the time the photos have been taken, it will hold them until the record is on the system.

Out turntables can handle any vehicle size or weight, car or commercial and can be located inside or out.

The surface of the turntable can finished in a wide variety of different materials from a smooth aluminium to a gravel coating.

Turntable surface options
Turntable Surfaces


Some 70% purchased without a test-drive at Audi City

Turntable with long wheel van

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