360° Turntable Photography

Our turntable and camera solution are synchronised and have been designed to be operated by one person once the vehicle has been valeted for display.

Internal 360° Imaging

We have developed our own solution to power the Samsung image capture and from that, produce a stunning 360 degree internal view with static images to boot.

Vehicle Marketing Software

A user friendly, intuitive data entry interface enables you to market your vehicles at the touch of a button. AutoLoad IT has been built with registration recognition software which will automatically provide you with the vehicles specification. If you have unregistered vehicles you can enter the details from scratch using our simple “tick and include” format.

Handheld Camera Solution

Our software automatically resamples the photographs at source, so will work effectively with any broadband speed without compromise and source the vehicle data saving you valuable time.

Website Design & Build

Cutting edge, elegant, clean, responsive web design. Created by our award-winning design team to work across all media and devices, the only way to showcase your company and your stock.

What used to take 4 people, 4 days, now takes 1 person 4 minutes.

Vast reduction in software charges, manpower, vehicle storage etc..
One button, 4 minutes and the photos are live on your website.
Faster processing, smarter marketing equals quicker sales.

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